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Redesigned clothing: discarded dryer sheets as evening wear

Every day, the average American generates about 4.4 pounds of trash.  From the morning’s coffee cup to the evening’s take-out containers, there’s a disposable item available for nearly every moment of the day.

Recognizing that there is value in our trash as a raw material, a new crop of designers are turning trash into fashion, or trashion. Now you can buy a handbag made from publicity banners (Freitag, Vaho and Demano), from old car seats (Kim White) or from candy wrappers and soda labels (Nahui Ollin).

It’s also possible to wear your trash. In this video, Katherine Soucie, of Vancouver’s Sans Soucie, shows us a dress she made out of discarded dryer sheets collected from neighbors.

We also have a video of Katherine’s redesigns from torn pantyhose.