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Retired engineer builds transforming, offgrid, stealth campervan

With two years and $20,000, retired winery engineer Dave Orton turned a Ford Transit into a completely off-grid van home that sleeps two, seats four, and includes a toilet, kitchen and indoor shower.

Adding 80/20 aluminum extrusions to a stripped down transit van, Orton built up a kitchen unit with two fold-out tables (one indoor, one outdoor) and bedroom/living room where all furniture can be removed to haul cargo. The toilet room converts into a shower.

Orton designed an electrical system that provides adequate power without the need for shore power or a generator to keep the house battery charged.

  • PapaTango

    Most informative and intriguing build. I’m envious of your skill-sets to achieve what few other companies are even able to achieve! Unfortunately, I just couldn’t achieve anything like that myself and was considering a pop-up, slide-in camper for a diesel pickup … now I’m not so sure! Great video post … thank you for sharing.

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