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CA tips on how RV-parks can warm up to tiny house applicants

Park Delta Bay advertises as “the only legal Tiny House community in Northern California”. There are now 10 tiny homes on wheels parked here – among 65 long-term residents – on this former KOA campground that now offers RV parking and cabin rentals.

To park your tiny house here, it has to be built according to RV certifications and registered as an RV. We visited four tiny homes.

Ken & Jessie: After living in containerized housing while enlisted together in the military together, they decided to leave their $2000-per-month home in Suisun City and move into a tiny house (there’s was built by Tiny Mountain Houses).

Sarah & Josh: With the only skoolie on the lot, Sarah and Josh moved from North Carolina, originally looking in the Bay Area, but discouraged by $1400-per-month parking fees they moved in here where things are “slower” and they like that.

Corinne Corley: One of the longest residents here, Corinne moved from Kansas City to be closer to Stanford Hospital where she’s being treated for a rare condition. Her home is “accessible” for her: it has stairs that with a longer rise so she can walk up them.

Melanie: A widow who built her own home – including plumbing, electric and elevator bed – and moved to California (from Hawaii and New Hampshire) to be near her daughters.