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School bus renovated as bachelor’s off-grid tiny home

Max spent his first ten years living in a tiny log cabin and falling for small spaces. He’s spent the past two decades reinforcing his love of nature living in ecosystems worldwide, including tropical beaches in Micronesia, desert mountains in New Mexico, the cloud forest in Ecuador, the woods in New Hampshire, Tatry Mountains in Slovakia, Denali National Park in Alaska and the highlands in Guatemala.

Now in his mid-forties, he’s slowing down a bit but still loves small spaces and nature so he divides his time between a tiny apartment in the city and his mother’s backyard on weekends.

He helps her out in exchange for homesteading the property: he’s planted a large garden and orchard, built a greenhouse and solarium from recycled materials, and parked an old school bus that he’s converted into a part-time, off-grid home with an outdoor shower and hot tub (a reclaimed bathtub fed with a hose).