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60m2 penthouse has deck, antique roof dome, old city views

Can remote working from a city be appealing, and even work as a slow replacement for tourism rentals during a pandemic? Yes if there’s a roof deck, charm… & fiber. Or at least that what one can think after watching this video.

City living has taken a toll with the pandemic, but what about apartments with terrasse atop low-traffic, walkable city centers? A small duplex in Barcelona’s Ramblas includes an antique dome concealing a surprising use.

If you look up at the corner of two of Barcelona’s oldest streets – Las Ramblas and Carrer Ferran – you’ll notice a tiny dome peeking out from the penthouse; what you won’t notice is the shower inside. Likely built for its purely aesthetic value, the tiny, rounded shelter is protected- with the rest of the building – as part of the city’s architectural heritage.

When the building’s owners renovated the flat, they decided to turn the architectural folly into something more practical. At first, they added cushions to the tiny, rounded shelter, but then they decided to go bolder and plumbed it as an outdoor shower. From inside, one has views- while showering- of Las Ramblas, Columbus Monument (“Colón”), and the sea.

The apartment itself is only 60 square meters (645 square feet), but with walls of mostly windows, the place feels larger. The upper floor is an open living room/kitchen with built-in benches on both walls. Downstairs, the curved walls are all operable windows.

One in-suite bathroom has full-glass windows and the other is a plywood cube. Stefan Dedeu and Sergi Lluch gave us a tour.