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Skunkfunk: a low carbon t-shirt and urging you not to buy

Their color is green, they began on an organic farm and they use recycled fabrics, but Skunkfunk founder Mikel Feijoo Elzo doesn’t oversell his good deeds. “We can’t talk to much about sustainability when we are in a very consumerism industry. We do not need so many clothes, but if people stop buying so many clothes we are out of this business so we are very happy now to go around the world to find nice materials and use them.”

While they don’t claim to be perfect environmentalists, Skunkfunk tries to be best of class in fashion. They design clothes that outlast a season or two. They also use materials like recycled PET plastic, organic cotton and hemp, but Feijoo explains we shouldn’t just be focused on materials. “Another very important issue is the transport. Fashion needs to be quick in the stores so people fly the goods so where is the idea of not trying to pollute the soil and use fertilizers and then we are throwing millions of tons of CO2 from airplanes flying goods.”

To take more of a lifecycle approach to sustainable fashion, Skunkfunk has introduced a low-carbon t-shirt. They’ve gone into partnership wholesale apparel company Continental Clothing to produce a t-shirt responsible for just 0.6 kilos of CO2, instead of the 6 kilos of CO2 of a conventional t-shirt. To keep the emissions down, they use organic farming, work with a factory in India that uses wind power and all the transport is done by train and boat.

In this video, Skunkfunk’s Feijoo shows us their low-carbon t-shirt as well as some of their more traditional eco-fashions.