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Slow Fashion entrepreneur: morphing clothes = simpler closet

Mireia Solsona studied architecture in Barcelona and pursued fashion as a hobby. Then the housing market crashed and with little work for architects, she decided to fall back on her hobby. But she didn’t want to just create one more clothing brand.

Inspired by the Ancient Greeks and their brand of Slow Fashion, she began to work on an idea for a multi-functional clothing line. Fascinated by the Greeks’ ability to turn a simple piece of cloth into dozens of outfits, Solsona began creating geometric-shaped pieces of clothing that could be twisted, turned, flipped and folded to create entirely new looks.

Today, her Mimètik clothing line is in constant motion. A cylindrincal piece of fabric converts between a dress and a top with a morphing neckline. A little red dress can be worn backward or forward, with caped sleeves or a bunched neck. A cone-shaped fabric flip-flops between a skirt a shirt (both are reservable). The most impressively morphing piece is a particularly Grecian shape that can be tied, twisted and wrapped to create ten different looks (seen transformed in the video).

Solsona was also inspired by the Greek view of beauty. “In Ancient Greece they had a different concept of women’s beauty. The full figure was an icon, a sign of fertility.” And like the Ancient Greeks, with Solsona’s designs there are no sizes. Fabric is simply adjusted with a sash, a broach or very long straps.

In this video, we visit Solsona’s Barcelona workshop, where she crafts her clothing using architectural tools like AutoCAD. We also stop in at a photo shoot for Mimètik where model Sandra Moreno twists and folds one dress into four.