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We needed simple furniture. This is our Spartan transformer system

To furnish an old country home in a 12th Century town, we wanted to create the minimal expression of furniture made from materials to reflect the land around it.

From pinewood – and without glues or screws-, we (with help from architects Aixopluc and carpenter Timberlab) created a modular furniture kit that lets us create beds, tables, desks, and sofas out of the same simple parts.

Using a wooden square as the basic unit, it can be rearranged depending on the need:

  • individual table/desk (1 square + 4 long legs);
  • big table (add squares + long legs);
  • low table (1 square + 4 short legs);
  • individual bed (2 squares + 8 short legs);
  • or big bed (4 squares + 16 short legs);
  • long chair (2 squares + 8 low legs);
  • big sofa in “L”;
  • etc.

Everything using just 3 elements with no more help than a wooden hammer.

Beginning with a basic square, tall legs can be added using dowels to create small or big tables or desks, while short legs are added to create sofas, low tables, benches, and beds (2 squares for a single and 4 squares for a queen). Wheeled OSB trunks serve as storage, benches, and headboards.

For chairs, we chose the traditional Cadaqués model of woven grass. Curtains and shades were made from a similar woven grass. These vegetative drapes can be moved to serve as room dividers.