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Staying out of eco-debt w/bikes & 60mpg motorcycle

On October 9th of 2006 the world’s population went into ecological overdraft. According to the New Economics Foundation as of that date, “humanity has used up what nature can renew [every] year and is now eating into its ‘ecological capital’“.

We don’t have to live this way- if we all consumed like the average American we’d need more than 5 planets to support us- and much of the developing world doesn’t overspend their share of the planet. In the U.S., there are people like Oakland, California’s Bakari Kafele (faircompanies blogger and owner of Biodiesel Hauling) whose ecological footprint is debt-defying: “Supposedly if everyone in the world lived like me, we’d be sustainable indefinitely.” In this video, Kafele shows us his 150-square-foot home, his motorcycle that gets 60mpg and his bicycle collection.

We also have a video of Kafele’s Biodiesel hauling service.