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Off-grid Sydney home reuses sewage after pond natural filter

It’s a house that produces power, water, and even reuses its own sewage, all that in the middle of Australia’s biggest city. When Sydney environmental lawyer Michael Mobbs set out to renovate his 100-year-old home back in 1996, he- and his wife and 2 children- didn’t want to live in anything that looked, sounded or smelled “freakish”.

With an investment of $48,000 in sustainable systems ($26,000 for solar, $11,000 for water, and $11,000 for sewage), they’ve cut their cost of living (energy & water) from $3000 to $200 per year. Everything can be easily replicated.

In this video, Michael Mobbs shows us his house, home sewage system, chickens, and alternative gardening techniques.