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Texan alley turned into barber shop turned into skinny house

When metalworker George Sacaris bought an old barbershop in Marfa, Texas 15 years ago, he removed the leaking roof and took the space back to the alleyway it once was. At home in Houston, he prefabbed a metal and wood structure and drove it the 600 miles to install it in his West Texas retreat. After just 2 days of demolition and 4 days of installation (with the help of friends), Sacaris had a weekend home for himself and his family.

Using leftover material from other jobs- Sacaris has done metalwork on other Marfa homes-, as well as materials and appliances from garage sales (e.g. antique suitcases turned hanging cabinets) and the Marfa dump (a sink, a bathtub), Sacaris was able to outfit his home affordably and in keeping with an authentic Western feel.

At just 8 feet wide, the space requires custom furniture. Sacaris first installed a pulley bed that could be raised when not in use. He recently replaced this with a spring-loaded bed that folds up to the wall. Using scrap metal, reclaimed zinc and marble, he built a kitchen unit (only the IKEA drawers are new), complete with a camping stove and airline food storage units for cabinets.