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The Farm Bill and the fight for organic agriculture

U.S. farmers receive 30 billion annually in government subsidies, but less than 1% goes to organics. Given that pesticide-free farming is better for the environment and more energy efficient, there is a movement brewing–  from the U.S. to the U.N – to give this sector more priority.

It’s part of the battle over the 2007 U.S. Farm Bill which, according to “Food Fight” author Daniel Imhoff, will affect “the fate of family farmers, a food system dominated by corporations and commodities, conditions of immigrant farm workers, the state of the country’s woodlands, or the marginalization of locally raised organic food and grass-fed meat and dairy products”.

In this video, Bill Walker, West Coast VP of the Environmental Working Group, explains the benefits of organic and how their farm subsidies database tracks the money.

For a video at an organic produce farm.