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The Kurrent: a neighborhood electric vehicle

New electric cars allow drivers to go more miles without recharging- the range of a Tesla Roadster is 200 miles (322 km). While its price tag (nearly $100,000) may keep it out of most of our reach, most of us don’t drive that far on a daily basis.

Americans drive on average 29 miles per day and Europeans 17 (27 km) – the French drive the most at 21 miles/day (34 km) and Spaniards the least at 14 miles (22 km). For drivers that don’t exceed those mileages and stick to city driving, the market is loaded with electric micro cars: REVA G-wiz, Nice Mega City, Zap Xebra, ZENN, Dynasty.

In the US they’re called Neighborhood Electric Vehicles and they’re limited to 25 or 35 mph, depending on state laws. Bryce Lathrop of Seattle’s Green Car Company took us for a spin in the American Electric Vehicle Company’s NEV, the Kurrent.

Bryce also burned a little rubber in a three-wheeled electric NmG and a highway legal electric motorcycle.