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The price of disposable diapers

While faircompanies’ baby #1 has been potty trained, with the arrival of baby #2 we’ve returned to diaper duty again, along with the ongoing quest for the most sustainable diapering methods.

We used cloth for the first few weeks, but now that we’re traveling, we’re giving ourselves a break and switching to disposables while on the road. When visiting a grocery store in Cloverdale, California to pick up a pack, we were reminded of the cost of disposable diapers: both for your pocketbook and the environment.

In this video, we take a look at the price of conventional and chlorine-free nappies, as well as revisting all the options we’ve tried over the past couple years from Fuzzi Bunz to elimination communication.

We also have videos on flushable gdiapers, pocket diapers and potty training at 16 months.