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Tiny cabins in VA’s woods to slow down & resync inner clock

Is the “simple cabin” the ideal vessel for disconnecting from modern life? Friends Jon Staff and Pete Davis have placed dozens of tiny houses on wheels in the woods within driving distance of Boston, New York City and Washington DC.

“The cabin”, explains Staff, “reminds us of a time when we didn’t have to respond to something within an hour, let alone 24 hours, when we didn’t have to do conference calls on our vacations.”

Believing that context is everything, the Getaway founders don’t offer, and actively discourage, too much activity (there’s no kayaking, swimming, skiing). Instead, they offer a cell phone lockbox, acres of nature, tips for “forest bathing”, wildflower scouting and campfire making.

“We are actually trying to regain the idea of boredom,” proselytizes Staff, “And what happens when you push through that. There’s research that shows if you push through that magical things happen.”

  • Emma LoRé

    Hi Team!

    Can you link the listing for this rental? So inspired would love to rent this space one day.

    • Emma LoRé

      whoops never mind I’ve found their company. 🙂

  • Linda Hart-Hyde

    Wow, this last update was 2 years ago. My husband and I would love to drive down from Ohio. I lived in Richmond, VA for 2.5 years, but always got out to visit Civil War battlefields!! The Shenandoah area is rich in history and environmental livelihoods!!! Can one book a night or two?