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Salvaged boat trailer as mobile home-office: $300 + labor

Jenine Alexander likes to built tiny structures on wheels. And she loves to find her building materials in the dump or on craigslist.

Her first handcrafted mobile home cost her just a couple thousand dollars. She only paid for the trailer and fasteners; the rest was salvaged (See DIY home for less than $3,500).

Her second tiny house on wheels she built with a business partner during the summer of 2010, using salvaged windows and doors (See Reclaimed, recycled, passive solar, tiny house on wheels and A tiny home on wheels: breaking with minimum size standards).

Her latest craigslist find- a $300 duel axel 18′ foot boat trailer- became the foundation for her latest mobile, small shelter. With another $200 and a lot of searching, she found all of the framing lumber, Redwood tongue and groove siding and salvaged doors and windows.

In this video, Jenine gives us a tour and talks about finding a reliable trailer, creating plans for others who want to build their own tiny house on a trailer* and about her passion for tiny, salvaged structures.

“I enjoy building small houses, but I’m not obsessed with it. I mean I know I get obsessed with craigslist and looking for stuff that’s not healthy.”

* Jenine hopes to post her plans for her first tiny home to her blog soon. They will be included in an ebook “to help guide the capable dreamer”.