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Transforming a tiny apartment for a growing family (kid #2)

Marta Barceló lives in a 47 square meter (505 sq ft) apartment in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. She first moved in with her husband. Then they had a son so they built him a bed under the stairs.

Then they had a second son, so they put the living room on the roof, built a closet under the stairs, and put their sons in bunk beds in the old living room-turned-bedroom.

In this video, we follow Marta from her pregnancy with son #2 (Milo) to shortly after his birth mid-construction to a year later when their tiny home had been transformed to fit their family of four. Marta shows us how she’s reappropriated old furniture for new uses and talks about how she still doesn’t dream about more space, but just less stuff.

(*For our first story on Marta and her tiny apartment, see video A tiny home for a growing family (bed under stairs included).