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Trashformation: furniture & dwellings from recycled cardboard

The Barcelona-based collective Transfodesign believe that anything, even trash, can be given a second life so for the past few years they have challenged creators with a Trash Investigation Series, a type of competition in transformation.

With Trashkitchens they dared designers to create mobile kitchens out of up-cycled materials. With Trashcars, the challenge was to create products from discarded car parts. With their latest event, Trashboarding, the challenge was to turn cardboard into temporary habitations or furniture.

German studio Peppermint Products created a temporary indoor library. Retrain de Rubcn turned discarded cardboard tubes into a hanging chaise lounge (with bottom story chair). CartonLAB used old beer boxes to make a tentlike observatory. Design school Escola Massana wove cardboard tubes into mats, which could then be transformed into a bed, shelter, or hanging hammock.

* Filmed by Faku Uzal.