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TreeHugger.com founder Graham Hill on LifeEdited

If the 20th century was about supersizing our food, stuff, cars and homes, the 21st century-according to TreeHugger.com founder Graham Hill– is about editing our lives back to a more satisfying simplicity.

“I believe that this century that the skill of the century is editing,” explains Hill, “and so cutting back on space, cutting back on possessions, cutting back on media, cutting back on friends.”

He calls his premise LifeEdited and the basic idea is to get rid of stuff “so use things like zipcar and netflix so you can own as little as possible so you don’t have to store too much.”

In this video, Hill talks to us about why he’s choosing to live with less and shows us his 420-square-foot apartment (to be designed by an online crowdsourced competition).