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Triangle home filling small lot takes cues from boat tradition

On a tiny triangular lot in central Lisbon, Luis Pedro Pinto built a right-angle home for his family taking advantage of every centimeter of the property. Working with difficult geometries- two corners have angles of less than 20 degrees-, Pedro found inspiration in shipbuilding.

One acute angle of the home juts out toward the street like a prow where he used a window and a mirror to open up the space and funnel the occupant forward. Every window is angled to frame a view.

Built entirely with reinforced concrete, the home allocates one function for each floor: the ground floor is an office; above it is an entirely open floor with the social functions (kitchen/living room); the third floor begins with the social half of the bathroom (a sink and laundry bin) and culminates in two bedrooms and the private parts of the bath (toilet/shower).

The roof is covered with an open terrace with views of the neighborhood and River Tagus.