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Didn’t use garage, turned it into his parents’ modern home

To convert a garage into a home, Ramiro Losada-Amor left the structure untouched and dropped a birch box inside to operate as a transforming home within a home. “That box is like a Swiss Army Knife where everything can open or close, depending on the situation”. The unit houses a kitchen, an unfolding dining table and chairs, a full bathroom, and sliding walls.

The cube divides the bedroom from the kitchen/living room with an interior bathroom. The wall opposite the kitchen is packed with wooden cubes which can be removed to create chairs and tables. Surrounding these Is floor-to-ceiling shelving which hides a Murphy bed.

The couple chose the property so their parents could live in the main house and with their garage ADU, the lot could become a family compound. Since there is no longer a garage, they installed three sheds in the backyard to serve as storage, a pottery studio, and a plant nursery. All the water from the home and roof is recycled and used on their extensive vegetable garden. The home uses crosses breezes and heavy insulation instead of air conditioning.

Architects: ModerngrannyFlat with Ramiro Losada-Amor & Prismatica.