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Urban worm composting: fruit flies & frozen food waste

When you live in the city, and with roommates, composting can be a delicate issue. New York City’s Sarah Dickinson started worm composting when living in Manhattan and when she moved to Brooklyn, she took her 2 worm condos with her, as well as their occupants.

From spring through fall, the wormbins sit outside under the “worm bench”, but in winter- much to the chagrin of her roommates- they come inside to avoid the cold. To avoid fruit flies she freezes much of her organic waste before feeding it to her pets and she makes sure to cover it with 4 inches of “browns” (dried organic waste like dead leaves or shredded newspaper). Well, that is the idea. But she admits to having been a bit of a “lazy composter” this past year and her bins attracted fruit flies.

In this video, Sarah talks about freezing your waste, what you can feed your worms and shows us how seeds take root in the finished compost. Her roommates just want to talk about the flies.

We also have a video at Sarah’s greener BBQ.