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Vocational builder designs unique tiny home from old RV

When Joe Weissbeck lost his property in 2009, he began converting a rundown RV- purchased for $350- into a one-of-a-kind mobile home. While living in it, he tore it down completely and rebuilt it over the course of 3 years.

Resembling an animal or insect, the home is all aluminium and strips of recessed glass which expose the “ribs” (off-the-shelf vinyl fence posts which serve as structural support). This segmenting allows shards of light to enter the home and creates an almost scaled-like exterior.

Weissbeck spent just $5000 on materials, much of which was repurposed or found. Believing that small spaces need to be open, he left the entire space free of walls (even the toilet is just half-hidden by the kitchen sink) and lofted a skylit bedroom over the driver’s seat.

Weissbeck is currently parked in the desert of Southeastern Oregon where the nearest grocery store is 120 miles away. He says when he’s taken the vehicle/home into town (it still drives), it gets a lot of attention. “People are drawn to something that is unique and unusual, our society is so boxed out… I get a lot of comments, they think it’s kind of space-shippy or kind of like an animal, or an insect of some sort.”