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Why we all need a happiness list

* A video call response to Call for submissions for documentary on the new pursuit of happiness.

In the field of happiness research, a new study hints that it may not be those “happy-go-lucky” types that are happier, but rather those whose lives are filled with “reflection and profound social encounters“.

I explained this theory of Think Deeply, Be Happy to my friend, and occasional faircompanies contributor, Veerle Bloeman on a video chat (from her home in Belgium). She was quick to reply. “I do believe this because they stand still, they think about their lives, they think about themselves, they think about all the things that make them happy.”

Then she went on to explain that she has a list, actually written down, of the things that make her happy. And she is convinced everyone needs one.

In this video, we talk about identifying your happiness triggers and what makes the list.