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Wikkelhouse: pick your modular segments & click them together

After a couple decades creating theater sets in Amsterdam, Oep Schilling and his company of makers Fiction Factory, put their CNC expertise and resources into building a prefab tiny house, using cardboard as the main structural element. Relying on a proprietary machine that can wrap corrugated sheets around a mold, they could create high strength cardboard that serves as both support and insulation.

The “Wikkelhouse”, or “wrap house”, is a truly customizable home composed of 5-meter-square (53-square-foot) modules that click together to create any-sized structure. The 1.2-metre-deep segments (3.9 feet) are first built up from 24 layers of cardboard moulded around a house-shaped frame.

Once “printed”, the basic units can be customized: cut with one or two spherical windows, kitted out as a bathroom, a kitchen or even a narrow bunk room or two or three can be combined to create larger rooms.

Schilling says 20% of the orders have been for 8 segment shelters (often for nature cabins), though they have sold a lot of 4, 5 and 6 unit structures as well. “I hope to sell a three because I like it really tiny,” he explains.

“Three could work, but it’s a bit like a hotel room, but of course you have the sky, you have a garden. I’ve lived in smaller spaces, compared to a caravan this is like a villa.”

  • PapiKink

    He said the homes are not cheap to purchase, “affordable”, but not cheap. So then….what’s the incentive to go this route and purchase this versus something more common and comfortable?

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  • Wyatt Hoover

    Would love to know a price range for each module

    • Wim Ahlers

      About 10,000 euro per segment (and excluding shipping and installation. Installation takes about 2 to 3 days).

      • PapiKink

        That’s about $12000 USD in current value. That is NOT a good buy. $40K buys a decent home in a rural setting. 4 of these cubes will not replace that. This is a doomed project.

        • karlahour

          Not in Bay Area can buy any small house for $40K, but in Europe.

          • PapiKink

            $40k buys a house in Europe? Where? That is very low price.