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The world from our window: seclusion as introspection opportunity?

A virus, smaller than a micron, has made it clear that we are now a world without borders. Confined to our homes, we now share similar fears, and often, hopes. We asked creators, builders, thinkers, friends from dense cities to isolated wilderness to show us their view right now.

Music by Charles Humenry

Athens, Greece: Takis Yalelis Design+Structures Architects
Alexandria, Egypt: Manar Habashi
Boise, Idaho: Kristie Wolfe
Ghesc, Italy: Maurizio Cesprini, The Ghesc Project
Norway: Kristo Boginski
UK: Kath & Annamarie The Narrowboat Experience
Vanlife: Lovell & Paris, Novel Kulture
Instanbul, Turkey: Efkan & Cevat Instagram @eco.gardenhouse
Berlin, Germany: Helle Schröder
New York City: Felice Cohen
Guangzhou, China: Alexander Lee
Barcelona: Miguel Angel Borrás & Elodie Grammont, Miel Arquitectos
Eagle River, Alaska: Cindee Karns, Alaska Bioshelter
Tucson, Arizona: Brad Lancaster
Cairo: Emad Shawky
Belarus: Andrey Tochilin
Nairobi: Natalie Topa
Berlin: Veronica Lewis
France: Elisio