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Wyoming students make custom micro-campers to live & sell

As students from the University of Wyoming at Laramie, they wanted to experience the outdoors while avoiding big expenditures, so they decided to build their own micro-camper. When people started “offering them money for it” at gas stations, they decided to go into business.

With Hansen Adventure Works, they built and sold 42 campers in the first 18 months thanks to extremely competitive pricing. The most popular models are the 5-by-8-foot, $3,000 Horsetooth and the $2,500 Armadillo, a 4-by-6-foot ultra-tiny home.

They also build a $2,500 truck topper. While most models usually have a convertible couch bed, they can be customized to include transforming furniture like a table that drops down from the ceiling or a “kitchen” that becomes a child’s bed.

Since filming the video, Zach and Tessa sold their company and built a tiny home to live in full time.